Innovating Efficiency in Living, Working Spaces and Transport Systems. 

Positive Energy Lifestyle

VAWT = Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: 

Heating and cooling system built into the structure of the house....walls, floors and ceiling. Result is cool floors, walls and ceiling in summer, with warm surfaces in the winter.

NEMS = Natural Energy Management System 

​The above concepts could be combined with a Near Surface Geothermal Ambient Temperature air system for even greater energy efficiency. Solar heat gain tower induces air flow for FREE!!

Other Natural Energy Management Systems: 

Here's an illustration of a comprehensive Water Efficiency system...utilizing Solar Heating, Fresh Water Conservation & Grey Water Recycling.

Solar Heat by a Trombe Box on the roof, using forced air circulation.....and by a Solar Heat Collector Wall, also using forced air circulation.

Topics on this Alternative Energy Page:

1). Information on Solar Electric Panels, and their related components.

2). Information on VAWT = Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and systems.

3). Near Surface Geothermal Ambient Temperature harvesting system

4). Other alternative Solar systems, H2O heating, Trombe Box Heating & More 

Through my involvement with The Living Earth Ecological Institute I was privileged to be involved in the
sale and installation of solar panels on Charter Schools, to help them lower their costs to thus spend
more of their limited income on educational benefits for the children enrolled in their institutions.

Near Surface Geothermal Ambient Temperature (≈56°F constant) harvesting system:

•  The Most Effective Solar Panels available today are around 24% efficient & cost is under $1.00/watt DIY.
These panels are State of the Art 450 watt 96 cell units.
We will also have Lithium House Batteries in Jan 2017.

Solar Electric Panels: 

​Here we can see multiple systems integrated together to achieve maximized Solar Electricity and Heat energy harvesting. This illustration details a Trombe Wall  system construction: