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At this point the Storage Building is ready for Concrete to be poured for the floor. In this photo (above) you can see the top & corner caps had been installed...

The Storage Building now needs paint....then the top and side caps installed....that will come later.....Right now I am busy putting up shelves and moving in my stuff.

Here are illustrations of the living room and of the dining area and kitchen, both with large windows for spectacular views yo the West.   

I have purchased 1.25 acres of land, and we are building a new Ultra Efficient home using the technologies shown on this site!

When searching on-line for "Images Log Cabin Designs" I came upon this photo and I just fell in love with the "look" of it, the principal elements in this design are.... the stone buttresses, the high peak roof, the large living room windows and the bedroom wing to the side .   

I am going to include a large Hangar/Shop/Garage into my concept and so I elaborated on that "Inspirational Cabin" with this concept:   

This is a "Work in Progress" and so the above images may change slightly. And I L-O-V-E the large Hangar/Shop with the MAN CAVE mezzanine!!

Here is my original floor plan... I really like these room adjacencies and the fireplace, which serves both the Living Room & Master suite.

Positive Energy Lifestyle

The door lock mechanism works acceptably....and it holds the door very securely....and this is what the virtually finished Storage Building looks like now....

Now, with the concrete floor finished, we are ready to build the door....and its locking mechanism.... and here are a few photos about that....

Those are the concepts, now we will show what work is currently underway: