Innovating Efficiency in Living, Working Spaces and Transport Systems. 

Positive Energy Lifestyle

• Foundation Panels Job ...Trench dug day before, panels installed, concrete poured same afternoon.

• A 3 Bedroom Addition:   Erected in 6 days time...Added 25% more space, reduced total bill by 20%!!

Installing panels in position...

• Phoenix Area Projects ...Earlier Old Proposals.

• 3,120 sq. ft. Home,  was erected in 16 days...uses less than half as much energy as conventional homes!!

Examples we have built: 

Concrete Filling
of  the Slab...

Prefabricated Panels up to 10" Tall x 16 ft. Long

Leveling Panels (Laser is better!!)

Concrete Filling
of  Foundation
and Stem Walls

• Caribbean Projects ...Proposals are Pending.

Images of the Products and Components we manufacture: 

Note Foundation Panel also acts as the Slab Forms.....

(Built with original ICF)

Complete Job

in ONE DAY....

Engineering & Documentation: 

• AICF = Asymmetrical Insulated Concrete Forms  

Large Panels dramatically speed up construction.

Carrying panels for installation...

Backfill Immediately...

Future Projects Proposed:        

Topics on this Efficient Buildings Page:

1). Images of the Products and Components we manufacture or feature.

2). Engineering and Documentation supporting the concepts presented.

3). Examples of homes, additions, structures we have built for clients.

4). Future planned structures we intend or have proposed to build.

• AICF = Foundation Panels   1 Step full Foundation, Stem & Slab in one monolithic pour!!  

Foundation Panels ready for installation...

Large Panels up to
10 ft. tall x 16 ft. long