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​Conceptual Drawings & Illustrations of an ATV Quadricycle evolved Street & Highways vehicle​:

•  Tricycle;  Electric Drive, Semi-Recumbent, Tadpole
(= two wheels in front = greater stability & comfort).

​My first Solo flight, before the stripes were painted on.. 

The above photo shows the chrome molybdenum tubing & flat parts currently fabricated.  The illustration above shows the next Phase II Weld Fixture, which will be completed soon. 

Enclosed Body Shell for comfort in inclement or hot weather: 

Cross country electric drive aircraft, utilizing advanced lithium battery pack with a counter rotating electric motor in which the main shaft turns the front prop and the motor body turns the rear prop. 

Electric Recreating Vehicles: 

​Mitchell U2 Flying Wing KIT which I acquired in about 2011. This will be built as an Electric Drive battery powered flying wing glider, which could definitely incorporate Solar Panels for extra time aloft....

Conceptual Drawings & Illustrations of  

Solar Powered unlimited range vehicle​s:

Topics on this Electric Mobility Page:

1). Images of our Semi-Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle in development at this time. 

2). Conceptual Drawings & Illustrations of an ATV evolved Street & Highways vehicle

3). Conceptual Drawings & Illustrations of a Solar Powered unlimited range vehicle

4). Near Future planned aircraft conversion, will be refitted as an Electric Aircraft!

First time out of the garage with the wings on. 

On the judging line at the Experimental Aircraft Airshow in Oshkosh Wis. Construction Quality level such that I was invited to display it at the McDonnell Planetarium & Science Center in St. Louis!

​Tricycle built with Motorcycle parts...
​evolved as a Street & Highways vehicle

This aircraft was purchased as a KIT in 1983, assembled in 1984 and 1985 and flown in it is disassembled and I intend rebuilding it with an electric drive system. 

Ultimately Efficient Electric Aircraft: